This page has spoilers. The series is heavy in words that are either new or not used in the normal manner. This is a listing of those words. Some of them will require deeper descriptions, and they will have their own pages.

Children of the Gifts: A small group of people who are allowed to use portals to travel between worlds. The three gifts are Passage, Tongues, and Vigor.

Passage: One of the three gifts. The ability to sense and traverse portals between worlds.

Tongues: One of the three gifts. This allows a Child to borrow a person’s understanding of a language. First connection to someone’s language is painful.

Vigor: One of the three gifts. Essentially a 10x healing factor plus agelessness. All homeostasis functions in humans are accelerated, so getting drunk is difficult. It also includes immunity to disease.

Homunculus, Munk: Thaumechanical equivalent to robots.

Thaumaturgy: The ability to perceive thaumaturgical energy and build machines that use it. Similar to electricity.

Alchemy: The ability to transfer characteristics between materials, particularly material strength and stiffness.

Panthropolis: Clempson’s home world

The Machine God, The Council of Thaumechanics: The ruling body for Panthropolis, a parasitic thaumechanical gestalt.

Mordial: pond water cultured to maximize microbiotic density. Used as a source of thaumaturgic energy. Cheap and easy, but low power, mostly useful for powering alchemical transfers.

Specific to The Thaumechanical Man

Weideroff: The valley where Clempson first enters the world of the Third Empire.

The Third Empire: The largest political entity in the first world that Clempson visits.

Zauberton: The capital city of The Third Empire.

Thermogenics: The ability to summon heat from “the heat space.” It goes back when the mage loses concentration.

Geomancy: The ability to change the strength of inter-molecular bonds within silicate rocks. Also provides a sense of where the rock is.